If You’re Sitting Comfortably, We Can Begin …

Where to start?

“How about the blog title?” you might be asking. “A bit morbid, isn’t it?”

Well, yes and no. Allow me to explain.

I kind of like writing. Sometimes I think I’m pretty decent at it. On a few occasions people have been nice enough to tell me I’m good at it. Hell, once someone even told me I should start a blog.

But I am a classic self-doubter. Friends and family are supposed to inflate your ego, right? Their compliments don’t actually mean anything, right? Maybe the only person who was ever honest with me was my sixth grade English teacher who gave me a mere C+ for a short story assignment. Did he detect the author’s delusions of grandeur? Did he decide that I needed to be brought back down to Earth? Why was a kid my age writing a story about nuclear holocaust anyway?

And even if I do have a knack for this kind of thing, who cares? The world is so crammed full of people’s opinions and ideas these days that you can barely move three paces to the left without having someone’s viewpoint on technology or spirituality or the price of bananas slap you in the face. Why add to that white noise with your own noise?

It seems to me that the world has little need for another well-written book, it has less need for a new street magazine, and it needs another blog like it needs a hole in the head.

But I’m giving it one anyway.

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