Marriage: What is it Good For?

Last week marked the first time I missed the once-a-week rule I’d set for myself with this blog. Sorry about that. But more importantly, last week marked the day I got married to my incredible, long-term (long-suffering?) partner! It’s been a marathon of organising and dinners and meeting people etc (we actually had two separate weddings on two different continents – Australia and Asia) so that’s my excuse for missing my own deadline.

It’s been 3 days since the Asian (Malaysian) part of the wedding. I’m sitting in a Kuala Lumpur Starbuck’s while my wife (it’s going to take a while to get used to using that word) browses the shops. In a few hours we’re flying off to Thailand for our honeymoon, so again I find myself with limited time for this post.

So my intention this week is to merely direct you someone else’s article over at It’s from September so you may have seen it, but I thought it was especially relevant. I agree with their observation that anyone from my generation has a tough road coming to terms with the idea of marriage. It’s partly the scary statistics. It’s partly the likelihood that you’ve seen someone else’s marriage break down around you. And as the article points out, it’s partly pop culture’s fault – equal parts TV, magazines, film, books and everything else.

In a small way it’s a good thing. No one should believe that marriage is a 100% blissful, always-smooth-sailing, nothing-will-ever-go-wrong kind of trip. Plus, happy marriages on TV etc. are rarely as entertaining or funny as the dysfunctional ones. But I wouldn’t mind seeing things evened up a bit. So it’s great to read something putting marriage in a positive light while laying off the sappy junk and injecting plenty of humour.

Happy reading!

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