Hottest 100 Votes – 2011

I love music, but for the last 5 years or so I’ve been rubbish at keeping up with the new stuff. Going through the Hottest 100 list has become very educational (“What, Bon Iver released an album this year?”) and a little puzzling (“Who the hell is M83?”). In reality, I’ll probably discover my favourite song of 2011 years from now. Still, if they’re going to let out-of-touch people like me have their say, I may as well throw in my two cents worth. Here’s what I voted for …

Abbe May – Design, Desire
Sweet, ghostly vocals over a delicious slab of dirty rock’n’roll. This earned its spot after I saw Abbe put on a great show at Mojos last year.

Ben Folds – Get Sleazy (Ke$ha cover)
Another song where it was the live rendition that won me over. Folds has a knack for turning questionable popular songs into something very cool.

Emperors – Plastic Guns
The Perth band offers a pop-rock track that’s not quite as memorable as Favourite Colours but still rad.

Radiohead – Give up the Ghost
I think of King of Limbs as Radiohead’s chill-out album, and it’s this track that really lends that idea credibility. I found the album disappointing over all but this is a beautiful moment from it.

San Cisco – Golden Revolver
I like their hit song, Awkward, but the way it borders on annoying novelty is a little too close for comfort. This earlier single is more my kind of scene. It’s sunny pop with enough of a ragged edge to keep my inner indie-kid happy.

Simone & Girlfunkle – Heart Goes Pitter Patter
At this point I had exhausted the list of suggestions on the website and so I looked to Unearthed for inspiration. Once reminded of it, there was no question about this song. It’s a fantastic ray of sunshine from a stellar Perth act.

The Gizzards – I Can Haz Cheezburger
There’s no chance of it getting into the Hottest 100 (as with half these songs) but this local electro-freak-rock outfit released a great album last year and I had to include something from it. This track, about feline-based recipes, is simultaneously one of the weirdest and most accessible tracks on the album.

Them Swoops – Too Fast For Love
High energy, super-catchy tune from Melbourne.

Foxx on Fire – March into the Sun
Another track that took my fancy on Unearthed. A great balance of dreamy elements and pop hooks.

Care to share your own votes?

UPDATE: I now have  video to share for the Gizzards track!

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