Nick Cave’s lesser known but still pretty darn popular band, Grinderman, came to Perth in December. I had every intention of seeing them but apparently not everyone in this city is as fond of procrastination as I am, and so the tickets sold out.

No big deal though, right? They’ll tour again soon enough.


Only a week after the Perth gig, Cave announced that Grinderman were no more. Sure, he then added “we’ll maybe see you all in another ten years, when we’ll be even older and uglier”, but that’s not much comfort. Still, there’s not much point in dwelling on what could have been. Instead, let’s look back at the highlights of the two albums the band released before calling it quits …

10. Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man – Grinderman 2 – “We took shelter under her body. We sucked her and we sucked and we sucked her dry.”

 The opening track to the second album. I find this song quite unsettling, especially with lyrics like the one above, but then again Cave’s music has rarely been about making the listener feel comfortable.

 9. Man in the Moon – Grinderman – “My Daddy was an astronaut. That’s what I was often taught.”

 8. (I Don’t Need You To) Set Me Free – Grinderman – “Well every time I see you, I get sick. And every time I think of you, well I get sick.”

 7. Honey Bee (Let’s Fly to Mars) – Grinderman – “The kid is laying on the lawn. He’s been giving me shit for years.”

6. Love Bomb – Grinderman – “Yeah I been watching the MTV, and I been watching the BBC. Yeah I been searching on the internet. I’m gettin’ so thin and sick.”

5. Palaces of Montezuma – Grinderman 2 – “C’mon baby, let’s get out of the cold. And give me, give me, give me your precious love for me to hold.”

This one sticks out like a sore thumb because of how chilled out and accessible it is (in the best possible way).

 4. Get It On – Grinderman – “Get it on! Get it on! On the day that you got born!”

This inspired chunk of rock’n’roll insanity kicks off the first album. Cave’s opening rant and the first bars of super-distorted guitar are enough to get the heart racing on any given day.

3. Heathen Child – Grinderman 2 – “She don’t care about Allah. She is the Allah. Don’t care about Buddha. She is the Buddha.”

Probably the band’s most well know track.

2. No Pussy Blues – Grinderman – “I sent her every type of flower. I played her guitar by the hour. I even patted her revolting little Chihuahua. But she still just didn’t want to.”

The mood and volume set by Get It On is quickly amplified by this raucous and surprisingly hilarious ode to sexual frustration.

1. When My Baby Comes – Grinderman 2 – “Is there anyone out there wasted their lives, on booze and drugs and husbands and wives … and making money?”

My favourite song from the band. If you’re listening for the first time you might wonder why…  until 3:12. If you’re anything like me that’s the exact point where your mind will be blown.

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  1. Shit. That’s 4 of those “word link” ads in one post! As someone who actually likes putting proper non-ad links in his blog text … that shit is really uncool! What a horribly insidious form of advertising. If you get tricked into clicking on any of them I am sincerely sorry.

    Maybe I’ll have to start making the proper links unique in some way. OK from now on, safe links will be in BOLD.

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