Shameless Plug

So far I’ve avoided the temptation to use this blog to advertise my band (with one exception).

But not today.

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Perth or Bunbury (Western Australia) in a couple of weekends time, you should probably head along to this …

Our EP launch poster. Thanks to Jennifer ( and Brent Hewer (

This will be first time we’ve release a proper CD in six years (although maybe the last one didn’t even count seeing as we had a different name, different songs and different band members). It’ll also be the first time we’ve ventured outside of Perth for a performance in many years. I’m pretty darn excited!

Here’s one of the songs off the EP. Most of the other tracks aren’t nearly as poppy as this one, but we really enjoy playing this song anyway. The Youtube description also has links to other tracks for free download and streaming …

Luckily we’ve also got a bunch of very rad bands helping us out on both nights. Check out this video from The Morning Night

And here’s links to the band pages of Louis and the Honkytonk, Our Man in Berlin and The Espeys.

If all this advertising hasn’t scared you away yet, you can get more info about my band here. Or if you’re from out of town and you want a copy of the EP, leave a comment and we’ll sort something out.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for you this week. I feel like it’s a bit of a poor effort, but I’ve been putting so much time into preparing for this gig that I don’t seem to have much capacity left for writing about anything else.

Till next time.

UPDATE: The launch was great! The other bands were all awesome, the sound guys did a superb job, and we had a decent crowd show up on both nights. Oh, and we played all right too. The highlight was either the great response to our cover of People Are Strange or having a bunch of people get up and dance for our final song (Every Day) on both nights.

The CD is now available at Fan Shan and Mills Records, or you can head to our Band Camp page and preview the whole thing before downloading it on a name your price basis (and yes, that includes a $0 option).

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