The 1st Annual GIT Award

Let’s start a tradition. Right now. Won’t that be exciting?!

Okay then. Every mid-April-ish we’re going to do this

A Hole in the Head Presents the First Annual:

And the winner is …

Cracked is awesome. It claims to be ‘America’s Only Humour Site Since 1958’, which is an amusing lie, but sometimes it feels like it may as well be.

It’s basically a blog, but a well written one with a bunch of contributing writers (and editors etc. probably). That means the articles cover a huge range of topics: some super-silly (eg. this one about the power of boobs), much of it  interesting but frivolous (eg. Easter Eggs hidden in video games) and some of it quite serious.

When I say serious, I mean the subject matter, such as this one tackling misogyny or this one about alcohol addiction, but it’s never a depression-fest. The writers have insightful things to say about real issues but manage to present them in a way that’s easy to read and often just plain funny. Which is really impressive in my book. It’s what really makes Cracked stand out against the average humour website.

One of the few problems with the site is there’s just so much good stuff to read (and watch – there’s a bunch of videos etc. on the site too but I’ve never bothered with them). The backlog of articles is huge and the site is updated so regularly that you can end up spending a lot of time on it.

So if you’re just getting over your Facebook addiction, or your partner is threatening to leave you because the 10 hours a day on you spend on the internet has seriously undermined your quality time as a couple – maybe you should forget you ever saw this post (though if you’re spending that much time on the net, you’ve probably seen Cracked before anyway).

You have been warned.

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