Run for a Reason 2012

Things got a bit dark last week so how about a good news story this week? …

In early 2010 I was involved in an industrial accident. I was sprayed with concentrated acid and received bad burns to my legs. One of those legs I very nearly lost. I spent three months in hospital and had to continue with intensive treatment for months afterwards.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound like a good news story so far, but stick with me.

The positive part is that I completed a 14 kilometre fun run last weekend. It was the first full length event I’d participated in since my accident and I managed to jog close to half of it. Not bad considering that at one point in my  recent past I wasn’t sure I’d ever walk again.

Here are some photos from the event …

A small percentage of the 20,000 participants in the Run for a Reason this year (there were many more behind us and around the corner).

Running 14 kms in a full animal suit – 100% more difficult, but 200% more awesome.

Just in case you wondering why I didn’t mention anything about the fluoro people in the other photo.

These guys were playing a rad version of ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ as we went past.

A couple of people were torn between wanting to dance and wanting to keep going.

One of the cool things about doing these sort of events is you get to do stuff you’d never be allowed to do other wise … like walking on the freeway!

Or running in the tunnel!

Screw you, painted arrow! I’m gonna run in the opposite direction and what are you gonna do about it?!

In the end my wife and I finished the distance in around 2 hours (a couple of minutes under for her, a few minutes over for me), which we were pretty happy with. In other good news, the event raised over $760,000 for various charities including Cancer Council and Diabetes WA.

Did anyone else here take part in this? Or maybe you recently overcame an injury/illness and you’d like to share your story?

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One Response to Run for a Reason 2012

  1. Reading this back, I think it sounds like I was in the bear suit. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Maybe next year 🙂

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