10 Great Songs on Triple J Unearthed

Every week, Triple J compile a playlist of 20 featured Australian artists and put it on their Unearthed page. I’ve listened through the playlists most weeks for the past year or so. It doesn’t necessarily keep me up to date with the bigger acts and new sensations in the scene but it does give me a decent idea of what the smaller fish in our musical pond are up to.

I can happily report that many of them are up to some pretty cool s***.

Each time a track from the featured list takes my fancy I save it to my own playlist, which is now up to 50 songs, but here are just 10 of my favourites. You can use the links to listen to or download them for free!

The Good China – All Nothing

Sounds a bit like: Architecture in Helsinki, or a much less angsty Arcade Fire.

Jep and Dep – Wake Up Call

Sounds a bit like: The guy from Gerling wrote a call-and-response love ballad while he was hungover (I wrote that sentence then found out it’s pretty much spot-on! It is in fact, Darren Cross, formerly of Gerling).

This happy little fellow.

Kate Martin – Candle Burnin’ Wax Drippin’

Sounds a bit like: Something pretty. Maybe Sally Seltmann or Lisa Mitchell?

Sabrina Lawrie – Howl Howl Howl

Sounds a bit like: Abbe May at her most devilish.

Danika Smith – Man on the Moon

Sounds a bit like: An 18 year old, less quirky voiced Missy Higgins.

Thee Gold Blooms – Katie-Sue

Sounds a bit like: The 60’s.

Darts – Underground

Sounds a bit like: The Pixies.

Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes – Love Letter

Sounds a bit like: I can’t improve on the description on their Facebook page. “A high hair, high volume, motherloving soul train”.

Achoo! Bless You – No Way of Knowing

Sounds a bit like: I’m struggling with the comparisons for these folky acts. I don’t listen to enough of it. Maybe a bit of Bright Eyes?

Greshka – The Vespa with a Bullbar

Sounds a bit like: Traditional Eastern Europe meets jazz meets indie rock.


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