Slight Change of Plans

Hello boys and girls!

So I kept up the weekly blog post for a whole year … congratulations to myself!

But now I’m changing things up slightly. A Hole in the Head will no longer be a weekly thing. Instead (like 90% of the blogs out there) it’ll just be a “whenever I feel like it” kind of deal.

Having regular posts seemed like a great idea but it was getting to be more effort than I really wanted, and I was churning out a fair bit of half-baked garbage for the sake of having something each week. So hopefully this  will lead to some better quality output, and as I’m not planning to slow down by too much it mightn’t be much of a change at all!

That said, I am going on a big trip to the USA very soon, so you might not hear much from me in the next month or so. I considered filling up the weeks with travel stories as they happened, but at this point I’ve decided against it. Being a somewhat private person I’ve purposely kept the writer-reader relationship a bit distant, so if I suddenly turned this into a week-by-week document of my life it just wouldn’t feel right.

Sure, many of the best bloggers are fearless in the way they welcome readers into their personal lives, and I often think that’s what I should be doing if I were actually serious about it … but for me it just doesn’t seem like the right forum for it. Or perhaps I’m just not that serious about blogging after all.

Oh well. “Whatevs” as the kids say. Or they probably don’t say that anymore. If I’ve picked up on it, the young cool kids have probably abandoned it by now.

Thanks for reading whatever you’ve read of my stuff up to this point, and please enjoy the new, casually-paced, probably-improved  ‘A Hole in the Head’.

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