Goodbye Old Friends – Hello New Header

I made a new header for the blog. What do you think of it? It might seem a bit random but it depicts what it might look like if the killer spam bots from this post met the characters from my cartoon posts (eg. this one).

I was a bit reluctant to change it because the old header featured my pet rat, who I was very fond of. But perhaps it’s time to move on. Moo Moo (the rat) and her sister, Susu, actually passed away months ago so the appropriate mourning period is probably over by now.

It seems right that this post should also be a bit of a goodbye to my ratty friends, so here is a short video I made of them a while ago. I intended for this to be a small part of a music video for Perth music act, The Gizzards, and I might finish that one day – but I like it as is too.

Want more cute rat action? Check out this post from February.

UPDATE: I’ve finished the full ratty video. You can see it here.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Old Friends – Hello New Header

  1. thegizzards says:

    Andrew, I find this genuinely touching for a number of reasons. It has helped me dig up memories of my old friends/pets.

    Thankyou man, I miss those guys.


    • Thanks Chad. Have you considered getting rats again? I suppose you have plenty to keep you occupied without more pets though 🙂 … I can’t get more unfortunately. Towards the end it became apparent that I was very allergic to them.

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