Bombs Over Israel: Share the Truth with the World

Here’s some examples of what I’ve been seeing on my Facebook feed lately …

These all come from an Israeli Facebook friend and to him I say “fair enough”. There are rockets falling on civilian areas in his home country and innocent people are dying. If I were in his shoes I would be scared, I would probably be angry, and I would likely be posting the same sort of things on the internet.

But I won’t be sharing these pictures with anyone (except on this blog). I won’t be giving my friend words of encouragement. And I won’t be happy about Israelis using this sort of tactic to gain support.

Because the truth is this it’s one-sided propaganda.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the longest-running, most complex, bloodiest conflicts in modern history, yet the pictures above try to distill the whole thing into a couple of cartoons and a few short phrases. For an example of why that’s so wrong, here’s another picture – one that was actually used this year as a poster in New York subway stations …

Granted, this one comes from the American Freedom Defence Initiative (whereas many of the ones above come from the Israel Defence Force themselves) but it has a pretty similar message, which seems to be: It doesn’t matter what either side have done in the past, because Israel always have a right to retaliate unconditionally. All you need to know is they are civilised white people and the other side are just Arab animals.

But I’m not here do defend the attacks on Israel either. I’m here to do what I was urged to do by my friend … that is share the truth with the world. So here’s those pictures again with a few changes …



What do you think? Is it an improvement?


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