My Songs on Soundcloud

It’s cross-promotion time!

Wait, don’t run away! … I promise it’ll be over soon.

In my “about” pageI claim to be an engineer with a side of musician and tutor. The musician side of me means I’m always either trying to get people to listen to my songs, or fighting the urge to self-promote because I don’t want everyone to get sick of me and throw me in a river.

No, I meant a really deep river. And I’d be wearing concrete boots.

Well today I will risk death-by-sleeping-with-fishes.

I’ve recently added a bunch of songs to my Soundcloud page and you can listen to them below. Also, if you have a Soundcloud account you can “follow me” (if I like your stuff I will gladly return the favour).

To start with this is the EP for my current band, Cape Town Lullaby. It’s the recording that I’m most proud of by quite a margin and we’ve managed to get airplay on a handful of radio stations across the country with it.

There’s also this EP of electronic/rock music I put together (I’m calling the act Eyes in the Cupboard). It was thrown together very quickly as a bit of fun, but I kind of like the results.

Lastly there’s a collection of songs from various acts I’ve played with in the past. The oldest recordings date back to 2002 when I was fresh out of high school. Hopefully you can hear that the musicianship and songwriting has slowly improved since those days (or at the very least my voice has got better).

Trees Without Knees and Dissension were basically previous incarnations of my current band, but The Doozers were a fun joke band where we’d sing almost exclusively about being drunk. Their songs were recorded with some very basic home studio equipment (including an awful sounding electronic drumkit).

Feel free to let me know what you think. If you don’t like it I promise not to cry … much.

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