Around the USA in Under 5 Minutes

I recently took a trip around USA. It was exciting, exhausting, enlightening and many other adjectives that start with the letter “e”. I took a lot of video on the trip (in between the hundreds of photos) but surely that could only be entertaining to myself, Wife and our parents – and only if my parents were particularly bored that day.


Is this going to take long? I have a lot of uplifting fairy pictures to put on Facebook today.

That is, unless I condense hours of footage into a few minutes, add a rocking soundtrack and employ fancy-schmancy editing techniques like “captions” and “fade through black” transitions (ooh! high budget special effects!). That’s the theory I’m going with anyway. So here it is – the short version of the trip. Highlights include the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, the perpetual rainbow at Niagara Falls, the acrobats in Liberty Park NY and a sausage dog named Polo running around …


For photos and an informal travel blog covering the same trip, click here.

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