So Many Gigs!

I’ve been to some amazing gigs in the last few months. I’ve been too lazy to review them but here’s a quick retrospective, complete with the bad photos I took on my phone and cheap digital camera …

So we start with the ethereal beauty of Sigur Ros at the Belvoir Ampitheatre from back in November.


After that I flew all the way to Melbourne to see Radiohead one of my all time favourites. I’d been waiting about 15 years to see them and they didn’t disappoint.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Another special and very unique gig was the Summer Swing Smackdown, which featured four bands on four separate stages all surrounding a central dance floor. There were some amazing dancers there (including my little brother) so we just kept clear and watched, but it was a great night nonetheless.


From swing to funk. We rang in the new year in style courtesy of the Perth Funk Club house band.

I then travelled down to Busselton for Southbound Festival with the sneaking suspicion that I was too old and cranky to still be going to festivals. The Hives helped remind me that it’s usually worth dealing with the crowds and little annoyances.


???????????????????????????????And the Flaming Lips blew my mind as always.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Back in Perth, Weezer gave me my first concert experience at our flash new arena. They had a no frills approach but the songs really spoke for themselves – especially when they played the whole of their amazing ‘Blue’ album from 1994.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Sarah Blasko also showed off her new album with a full orchestra in the serene surrounds of Kings Park. It was quite a treat to kick back to some great music while ducks wandered around our feet.


Later on, Deerhoof put on a mighty show for us at the Rosemount Hotel and I managed to get a slightly awkward photo with Greg Saunier (one of my favourite rock drummers – him on the left).


At Red Hill auditorium, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds showed us that they’re not ready to mellow out just yet – pulling out many of the loudest songs from their huge back catalogue. The venue had some logistical problems and it was a long drive, but being able to watch the band with the city lights in the background was quite spectacular.



We also enjoyed ourselves at The Jacksons, but the photos from that were so rubbish I couldn’t bring myself to upload them.

So what will the rest of the year bring? It seems unlikely anything could top the recent run of stellar gigs but you never know!

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