The 2nd Annual GIT Awards (Good Internet Things)

It’s time to discover what thing on the internet I enjoyed the most this year. In other words …

‘A Hole in the Head’ Presents the 2nd Annual:

And the nominees are …

Xkcd: The comic with the loveable stick-man stayed as addictive as ever, and even found time to push the boundaries of what a web-comic could be with this amazingly detailed strip (if it only takes you a minute to read it, you’re not doing it right). Bonus points for the awesome spin-off, What If?, which answers an impossible science question each week.

Dinosaur Comics: It uses the same six pictures every week, and has done so for 10 whole years, yet it’s still funny. If you’re not sure how that’s possible … well neither am I, actually.

T-Rex is super excited about this nomination.

Cracked: Last year’s winner of the GIT award got me even more hooked this year. Being a highly collaborative site with a huge number of articles means it has more than the ocassional misfire, but when the hits are as perfect as this one who really cares about the misses?

Everywhere Once: I don’t really read travel blogs but this one is just too brilliant to ignore, even if the travellers are yet to venture beyond North America.

Postsecret: A lot of what I like on the web can be accused of being cynical or coldly intellectual, but sometimes I just want a bit of human weakness and honesty. In times like those I can always get my fix by scrolling through the anonymous postcards here.

Also, there’s a lot of this.

Calming Manatee Tumblr: Speaking of touchy-feely stuff, did you know that manatees are really kind and smart? Seriously, if you’re not feeling so great, this is the blog for you. I can’t guarantee that it will fix all your problems immediately but it will almost certainly fix all your problems immediately. Also, make sure you’ve read the interview I did with the manatee!

Let Me Tell You About Science (NSFW): On the opposite end of the spectrum, this blog fulfills my need to learn about complex things while being shouted at over and over again with lots of swear-words (example headline: “Why Spiders are Not Scary and You Are a F***ing Idiot if You Think Otherwise“).

Humans of New York: One of the world’s most vibrant and varied cities as seen through the eyes of one photographer. The main drawcard is the pictures and captions from the Big Apple, but I also love the longer stories and the diversion the blog took when he travelled to Iran.

“I like your hat.” “Take my f***ing photo.”

Sometimes Interesting: It’s just what it says in the title – except from what I can tell it’s always interesting. Specialties include abandoned sites, forgotten controversies and disturbing moments in history.

Marking Time: The subtitle The Afghan and Iraqi Wars as Seen by Those Who Live Them says a lot, but it’s not as heavy-going as you might think. Our tour guide is a social scientist who picked up plenty of great anecdotes while being deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq to help the US army understand the local culture.

Evil Squirrel’s Nest: A cool little blog that is totally obsessed with squirrels. It’s worth checking out, even if it’s just for the weekly comic strip.

And the winner is …

VSauce is the first Youtube channel I’ve ever bothered subscribing to. It’s a weekly video blog by a guy named Michael Stevens. The videos are mostly just him talking to the camera but they’re all incredibly interesting. Each one has a provocative title like ‘What if the Sun Disappeared?’ or ‘Should You Eat Yourself?’ but they all end up spanning a range of topics – usually related to science and the world around us.

Maybe this comment on one of the videos sums it up best – “VSauce teaches me more than actual school.”

So for being superbly informative and entertaining, and for making everyone wish Michael was their science teacher, I bestow VSauce with this year’s prestigious GIT Award!

VSauce Man is too distracted by creepy floating soccer balls to celebrate.

Congratulations to the winner and all the nominees. But don’t be disheartened if you missed out. Just keep doing Good Things on the Internet and maybe you’ll win next year!

Hey there! Now that you’ve finished this post, how about taking a trip back in time to last year’s awards ceremony?

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5 Responses to The 2nd Annual GIT Awards (Good Internet Things)

  1. Oh my….. I was totally shocked to see The Nest here!!! I’m not sure I’m worthy of being listed in the same post with some of these other great websites, but I’m certainly flattered nonetheless! Thanks!

    • You’re most welcome. It’s just based on stuff that I tend to check out every week and your site certainly fits the bill. Plus I was keen to mix some lesser known gems in with the big websites … Honestly I think it was that Mardi Gras comic that pushed you over the line 🙂

      • That seemed to be a big favorite. The one year anniversary of my comic’s coming up in a few weeks, and I was thinking of a reader poll to pick the best strip from my first year. That will certainly be a leading contender…

        I’ve visited or am familiar with several of the sites you listed, and know how genius and popular they are… so I was still shocked when I scrolled down and saw my blog there! Thanks again!

  2. As a bit of an aside, a near contender was … I visit it every week to get my dose of outrage at the racists and bigots within Australia. But it didn’t get a nomination because I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Is it just feeding the hate and giving rational people more of a reason to think the world has gone crazy? Or is it doing an important job by exposing the worst of the hateful trolls? … Either way, I thought I’d post the link and you can decide for yourself.

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