I Wrote a Hit Novelty Song!

Ok that’s an exaggeration. But by my standards it’ pretty true. You may remember, back in November, I posted a whole bunch of songs from my Soundcloud account. A few people listened to them but they didn’t exactly capture the imagination of a generation or anything like that.

Or did they? …

soundcloud stats

Well, no they didn’t. But that one song was played 757 times in four months, and the next most popular song was played only 22 times. In this age of viral videos reaching billions of views that might not seem very impressive, but it’s now probably the most popular song I’ve ever written –  a big surprise seeing as I did nothing to promote it.

Frustratingly, I have no idea how or why this happened. Without upgrading my Soundcloud account (ie. paying $$$) all I can tell is that most of the people playing the song are from the USA. I don’t know if there’s a group of kids out there who’ve adopted it as their own personal anthem, if it’s just people passing it on to each other to laugh at how bad it is.

Someone somewhere may be calling my song “The Room” of bad music. Honestly it would be an honour.

So what is this magnum opus that has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of music fans? Well, it’s just a silly song I wrote five years as a joke. Here it is if you’re curious …


Incidentally, if there are any budding film-makers out there (or people who just enjoy having a bit of fun with a camera/animation etc.) I’d love to have a video to go with this track. I’ve thought about doing one myself but I’m sure I’ll never get around to it.

Anyway, now that I’m talking about my own music I may as well keep going. So here are few extra bits of Andy Music News …

New Song: I’ve written and recorded a brand new song for my band. It’s the first time I’ve done so in over a year. It’s a little pop ditty about feeling trapped in a bad situation (for me it was my stint in hospital a few years back).


Youtube Bedroom Recordings: I’ve started a tradition of doing a straight-to-camera recording once a month. They’ll mostly be covers but you can expect a few originals too. The playlist below has all of the recordings so far, but keep an eye on my Youtube channel or my band’s page if you want to hear the new stuff as it’s added.


That’s it for now. I have some other ideas but it’s all hypothetical at this stage so I’ll keep it under my hat for now. In the meantime, are there any other musos out there looking to show off their work?

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1 Response to I Wrote a Hit Novelty Song!

  1. 2 years on. The song now has 834 plays. I still don’t get it.

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