My Coffee Art

I recently stumbled across the blog of Ken Summers, who makes some pretty fantastic coffee art …

Exhibit A … (I did not make this one)

Inspired, I quizzed Ken about his techniques. I’d always thought that this kind of art was the domain of the barista (the person making the coffee) but he made me realise you can create interesting images just by working with the canvas your given. It’s all about “bringing to life” the things you can already see in the foam.

Here are my own attempts. I still have a long way to go, and I need to refine my technique (Ken uses a toothpick for details, whereas I’m always to lazy to get out of my seat so I just use the end of a teaspoon) but I thought these were at least blog-worthy …

My first ever attempt at coffee art.

Cute li’l doggie

Slightly creepy figure in side profile.

Cartoonish face of an old man?

What do you think? Am I on my way to becoming the Michelangelo of macchiatos? Or do you think a five-year-old with no fingers could do better?

PS. For more of this (at a much higher competency level) check out Ken’s blog and this collection of amazing latte art brought to you by another great blogger, Michael Bradley.

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7 Responses to My Coffee Art

  1. That’s amazing. I like cappaccinos and I sometimes wonder at the patterns of chocolate drawn on the milk

    • I think it’d be quite hard to do this kind of thing with a cappucino (all mine are flat whites, and Ken seems to use macchiatos a lot), but if you give it a shot I’d love to see the results!

  2. I had no idea there was such a thing as coffee art… but then again, I avoid coffee like the plague.

    Kind of cool in an abstract way. The dog one reminds me of the little ghosts from the Mario video games…

    • Cool. I can kind of see where you’re coming from with the ghost if I ignore the dog’s body. It’s a bit like those Rorschach tests, where different people will see different things.

      Yeah I think the coffee art thing started with barista’s realising they can make interesting patterns just by pouring the milk (the classic is the “palm leaf” shape or the love heart), but it has gone well beyond that now. Check out that Michael Bradley link if you really want to have your mind blown.

  3. Miss Lou says:

    lol the old mans face at the end actually looked more like an animated dog!

    It often astounds me what critters can design in the top of their coffee. I’m not a coffee (or tea) drinker, so never get the opportunity to bother with it 🙂

    But it can be impressive!

    Miss Lou

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