The Adventures of Super Rat!

I’ve always enjoyed making silly little animations and videos. I remember being in high school, wasting hours and hours moving Clip Art images around when I was supposed to be working on computing projects.

More recently I discovered that the songs of local act, The Gizzards, were a perfect accompaniment to these videos. So over the course of a few years I’ve made three music clips for them. The latest one involves a rat superhero flying around, bumping into friends and eventually ingesting illicit substances with mind-bending consequences. It features my ex-pet rats, as well as a bunch of my soft-toys (Wife and I have an inappropriately large collection, and yes they all have names).

Here it is. Hope it gives you a smile or two …

And here are the previous installments …

Like this? Why not check out the Gizzards interview or find out more about my ratty friends?

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6 Responses to The Adventures of Super Rat!

  1. Really talented stuff

  2. Ha! Entertaining stuff Andy. 🙂

    • Gracias! Despite a mysterious compulsion to spend time on this sort of thing, I sometimes wonder what the hell I’m doing it for. So to know it actually entertains someone is a big help 🙂

  3. :checks watch:

    We’re about due for another Super Rat installment, aren’t we? 😉

    • Oh My. I’m delighted that people are so keen for more, but I don’t think it’s very likely … at least not for a while. This actually took me over a year (mind you it was 99.999% procrastination and distractions). Plus in my mind the rest of Super Rat’s life was spent playing video games with Cedric after he was fired – which wouldn’t be very exciting.

      Then again, maybe there’s room for an origin story. A prequel perhaps ….

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