Malaysia Round 5

Oh, Malaysia, my old friend! It was so nice to see you again! Let us reminisce about those days spent together in January/February …

First stop was the island of Langkawi, where we stayed at the beautiful Frangipani Resort …

D silhouetted on the beach near the resort


… took a cable car ride to the peak of Gunung Machinchang …



… took a day trip around the islands with ‘Rampant Sailing’ …

??????????????????????????????? DSCN0328 DSCN0272

… and checked out their Underwater World.

DSCN4009 ???????????????????????????????

Then, after a quick shopping stop in Kuala Lumpur …
DSCN4101… if was off to the familiar streets of Kuching, where we re-aquainted with D’s family cat, Mao …


… sought out another beautifual waterfall during a jungle trek at Gunung Gading …

DSCN4206 DSCN4186

… and celebrated Chinese New Year with family, food and fireworks!
DSCN4368 DSCN4331 DSCN4300 DSCN4299 DSCN4277 DSCN4264 DSCN4248 DSCN4031

Till next time, Malaysia!

Like this? You might want to check out our previous trip where we included Penang, or this quick video of our USA adventure.

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4 Responses to Malaysia Round 5

  1. Looks like a fantastic trip!

    • Thanks! Yeah I always enjoy my time there, especially seeing as we try to discover a part of the country that’s new to us each time (rather than just always going straight to Kuching, where D’s parents live).

      Got a post of our jaunt to Tasmania coming up soon too! .. Then it’ll probably be a while before our next travels.

  2. qrparker says:

    I had no idea Malaysia was so awesome.

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