Just Quickly … I Have a New Blog

I’ve decided to start another blog. So now there are two. Here’s a handy compare and contrast table, so you don’t get them mixed up …

  Blog 1 Blog 2


A Hole in the Head

A Song A Day

Post Regularity

~ 1 per month

~ 1 per day

Post Length

Somewhat long

Short and to the point


Reasonably high (attempted)

Quick and amateurish



Songs I like

In other words, the new blog is for me to quickly tell everyone about songs that I’m enjoying. Please check it out here.

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5 Responses to Just Quickly … I Have a New Blog

  1. Check out my most recent post on the best sites for bloggers! Great info on how to get free high-quality stock photos. Good luck with your blogs!

  2. “Reasonably high (attempted)”
    You’re great Andy. 😀

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