Great Gig Posters

In today’s edition of AHH, we look at a forgotten art form – the gig poster.

I should warn you though. In true self-indulgent fashion, we’re only looking at posters for my own bands’ gigs. Still, recruiting great artists to create these posters is one of my favourite achievements from being in a band, so let’s get started, shall we? …

(PS. If you think “The art is pretty cool, but the way the text has been added ruins it” – don’t blame the artist. That was my fault.)


By Natalie Baker circa 2005. Unfortunately I don’t have any links for Natalie, and I’m not really sure what she’s up to now. If you’re wondering which band was mine, you’ll figure it out. And yes, it was a pretty terrible band name.


Our CD Launch poster. The first in Natalie’s 3-part “Tree” saga. We asked for something with a literal take on the Tree without Knees thing, but I was expecting something kind of silly and cartooony. Nat took quite a different approach and I was really impressed with the result.


The recovery begins. This is the worst quality scan of all the pictures.


The Tree is back in business! This was also our last gig with that name. I wonder where the Tree saga would have gone otherwise?


By Katie Malajczuk circa 2007. New band name (also new songs and slight line-up change). Still probably a rather bad band name.

Katie Malajczuk’s art


By Mei Swan-Lim circa 2009. Mei is also a brilliant musician (check out her link below).

Mei’s music 


The first of a number of posters by Jennifer Chernecki, (a Canadian artist that I met by chance while travelling in Europe). The longer you look at all of her work, the more you will find. All of these are circa 2008-2011.

Jennifer Chernecki’s art  


I love this painting, but I was never happy with the way I’d added the text. It was a difficult one in that regard though.


This might be my favourite of all the posters. I believe that’s Jen’s actual pet dog there too.


We ended up using this image for our CD cover too.

And that’s that.

Watcha reckon? Have any favourite posters among these, or others you’ve come across?

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