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Great Gig Posters

In today’s edition of AHH, we look at a forgotten art form – the gig poster. I should warn you though. In true self-indulgent fashion, we’re only looking at posters for my own bands’ gigs. Still, recruiting great artists to create these posters … Continue reading

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The Philosophical Teachings of Winnie the Pooh: The Great Honey Pot Robbery

Because I have a pointless, self-enforced quota of at least one post per month, and because I have to go to a thing soon or Wife will gouge out my eyes – I now have half an hour to explain … Continue reading

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Daily Painting No.83 – Spiderman is Having Dinner Tonight

Originally posted on mauGRYPH:
For Andytallman101. Andy asked me to draw Spiderman with silverware in hand ready to pounce on Robert Smith. The lyrics in Lullaby inspired him. I heard of The Cure but never really paid much attention to…

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My 5 Greatest Video Game Achievements

Video games get a bad rap but I reckon they’re pretty awesome. They can be a great way to pass the time, they can allow people to live out their violent fantasies without actually harming anyone, and they are constantly … Continue reading

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Perth Street Art

What cities come to mind when you think of amazing street art? London? New York? Melbourne? LA? Paris? Well, that’s fair enough. But I suggest that we’re missing an important one – and it’s a city that you won’t find … Continue reading

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My Coffee Art

I recently stumbled across the blog of Ken Summers, who makes some pretty fantastic coffee art … Inspired, I quizzed Ken about his techniques. I’d always thought that this kind of art was the domain of the barista (the person … Continue reading

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I <3 ‘Please Like Me’

I’ve avoided talking about TV series on this blog so far, but I had to mention how much I enjoyed the debut season of Please Like Me. It was only 6 episodes but I’m going to go ahead and say it … Continue reading

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