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Andy’s Movie List 2013

Hey there! Here are some movies I liked from last year. (Note: The list might look a bit weird because eligibility was determined by Australian release dates – full list here) 10. Amour A couple face the ultimate challenge to their love … Continue reading

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Perth Street Art

What cities come to mind when you think of amazing street art? London? New York? Melbourne? LA? Paris? Well, that’s fair enough. But I suggest that we’re missing an important one – and it’s a city that you won’t find … Continue reading

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If You’re Sitting Comfortably, We Can Begin …

Where to start? “How about the blog title?” you might be asking. “A bit morbid, isn’t it?” Well, yes and no. Allow me to explain. I kind of like writing. Sometimes I think I’m pretty decent at it. On a … Continue reading

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