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Andy’s Movie List 2015

(Note: Eligibity for the list is based on Australian release dates). A new year has begun, so why not celebrate by watching some of the best movies of the year just gone? “But which movies to watch?” I hear you ask. Well … Continue reading

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Response to Empire Magazine’s ‘300 Greatest Movies of All Time’

I love a good list, but I really love taking a good list and tearing it apart. So seeing as Empire Magazine recently published the results of their readers poll, it’s time for me to tell you why it’s wrong. The readers … Continue reading

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5 Reviews of Youtube Videos You’ve Never Seen

These days you can find reviews of almost everything. Do you need to find out whether it’s worth watching that Latvian arthouse film you saw advertised on a single poster on the side of a rubbish bin down a dark … Continue reading

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20 Best Music Videos of All Time

NOTE: This is a repost of a Facebook Note I published in 2010. I was reminded of it when I started talking about my fave music video over on my other blog. It’s a bit of a cheat for my … Continue reading

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Andy’s Movie List 2014

Hey there! I like movies and I like giving strangers my opinion on things. So I’ve combined the two by compiling this list of my favourite movies of 2014. Oh, and I’ve also invited D.A. (Devil’s Advocate) along … though … Continue reading

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10 Most Life-Changing Studio Ghibli Moments

Earlier this month, tragedy struck. Okay so, recent times have been quite packed with bad news, so I’m going to have to be more specific. But you must brace yourselves. It was a devastating one. I’m talking about Studio Ghibli announcing it’s … Continue reading

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Andy’s Movie List 2013

Hey there! Here are some movies I liked from last year. (Note: The list might look a bit weird because eligibility was determined by Australian release dates – full list here) 10. Amour A couple face the ultimate challenge to their love … Continue reading

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