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Amazing Spider-Man: Worst Movie of 2012

Credit: Vitamin-ha.com At some point in 2012 I was sitting on a tour bus travelling down a western-US highway. Wife and I had been travelling for four weeks straight and, motivated by the thought that we might never make it … Continue reading

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The 4 Best Search Terms of 2012

Fellow blogger, Evil Squirrel, recently wrote this great post about weird search terms that lead people to his blog. He must get a lot of traffic from this sort of thing, because he was able to split up the good … Continue reading

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Calming Manatee Interview

Last year, a manatee started posting uplifting pictures and giving supportive advice to people all over the world. It became kind of a big deal. The ‘Calming Manatee’ now has over 11,000 followers on Tumblr and receives up to 40 … Continue reading

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