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5 Reasons Why ‘Gulp’ by ECHO KID is One of the Best Albums You’ve Never Heard

They’ve received hardly any radio airplay. They’ve only ever played one show. There aren’t any physical copies of their recordings available anywhere. And they have so few Facebook followers that the whole lot of them could probably fit comfortably in … Continue reading

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Perth Street Art

What cities come to mind when you think of amazing street art? London? New York? Melbourne? LA? Paris? Well, that’s fair enough. But I suggest that we’re missing an important one – and it’s a city that you won’t find … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Super Rat!

I’ve always enjoyed making silly little animations and videos. I remember being in high school, wasting hours and hours moving Clip Art images around when I was supposed to be working on computing projects. More recently I discovered that the songs … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Songs from Perth

In the Pines (the music festival put on each year by RTR FM) is arguably the biggest day on the Perth musical calendar. This weekend it celebrates its 20th birthday with an old-school line up featuring many bands who’ll be reforming … Continue reading

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Run for a Reason 2012

Things got a bit dark last week so how about a good news story this week? … In early 2010 I was involved in an industrial accident. I was sprayed with concentrated acid and received bad burns to my legs. One … Continue reading

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Radiohead Mega List

OMIGOD RADIOHEAD ARE COMING THEY ARE COMMING TO AUSSTTRALIA AND I MUSST HAVE ATTICKET WHAT IF IT SELLS OUT WHAT IFF IT SELLSOUTT!!  This is what has been going through my head on a continuous loop for the past two … Continue reading

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The Gizzards Interview

A few years ago I was desperately trying to find a band to play at a gig I was organising. Remembering that Burgers of Beef had helped us out in the past I contacted their lead singer, Chad. He told me the Burgers were unavailable … Continue reading

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