Five Little Ducks – Part 2


But not even one little duck came back …












Mother Duck went out one day,

Over the hills and far away,

Mother Duck said …






















And you can bet your ass that every single one of those little ducks came back.



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6 Responses to Five Little Ducks – Part 2

  1. As reprehensible as ducknapping is, I just will not tolerate those who cheat at poker…

    • Haha I love that. I was actually wondering if I should have given that cockatoo such a violent treatment – as he seems like more of a simpleton than a malicious ducknapper. But when you put it that way, he’s a ducknapper AND a cheat. He got what he deserved! :p

  2. stephen1001 says:

    Well that escalated quickly!
    Andy I was always puzzled as to where the ducks had gone prior to returning – hadn’t guessed this scenario! Hope all is well with the young one

    • Yes, once she gets into gear, Mother Duck doesn’t waste time. I’m glad I could answer your duck related questions. Although I feel like there are still some plot holes in the rhyme that I never properly addressed. Perhaps another time?

      Young’n is doing well. Though he’s teething, so last night I had to take him for a walk around the neighbourhood at 2am because nothing was working to put him to sleep!

      • stephen1001 says:

        That sounds about right for teething – I was at Jay Z’s the blueprint in my project when ours was in that stage, I found a drive with that playing seemed to do the trick, I think she liked the bass!

        • Ah yes, the car ride with music is a good trick too. I’m reluctant to do it though, because he hates it when you first put him in the seat. And the transfer from car seat to cot often wakes him up.

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