Australians Want Climate Action



It’s Getting Hot in Here

The True Story of The Five Little Ducks (in 2 parts)

Book Review: Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill

Movie Review: Best Movies of 2015


Cartoon: A Very Leroy Christmas

Cartoon: Broken World

Album Review: ‘Gulp’ by Echo Kid

Album Review: Top 15 Albums of All Time

Report Card for Humanity

Response to Empire Magazine’s ‘300 Greatest Movies of All Time’

The Hottest Blog Post Ever (Part 1)

5 Reviews of Youtube Videos You’ve Never Seen

Travel: Adventures in Japan

20 Best Music Videos of All Time

Cartoon: Apple

Movie Review: Best Movies of 2014


Return to Brisbane

Great Gig Posters

The Philosophical Teachings of Winnie the Pooh

Things I Hate (Chapter 1)

10 Most Life Changing Studio Ghibli Moments

Just Quickly: I Have a New Blog

The 3rd Annual GIT Awards (Good Internet Things)

Why I Didn’t Post Anything on ‘Refugee Week’

The 50 Greatest Songs by The Eels



Malaysia Round 5

Andy’s Movie List 2013

Daily Painting No.83 – Spiderman is Having Dinner Tonight (Re-blog)

Hottest 100 Votes 2013


My 5 Greatest Video Game Achievements

Perth Street Art

Are You A Feminist?

At Home with Cow and Bird

The 10 Best “Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped”

The Adventures of Super Rat

My Coffee Art

Malaysia Round 4

The 10 Greatest David Lynch Moments


The 10 Best Songs from Perth

The 2nd Annual GIT Awards (Good Internet Things)

I ❤ ‘Please Like Me’

So Many Gigs!

Perth and Fringe Festivals 2013

Is Donnie Darko ‘Back to the Future’ Fan Fiction?

Amazing Spider-Man: Worst Movie of 2012

Andy’s Movie List 2012

Hottest 100 Votes – 2012

The 4 Best Search Terms of 2012

Calming Manatee Interview


Around the USA in Under 5 Minutes

Fave Flick Flashback: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fave Flick Flashback: Ed Wood

Let the Movie Cramming Begin!

My Songs on Soundcloud

Bombs Over Israel: Share the Truth with the World

Goodbye Old Friends – Hello New Header

US Election Predictions – Scorecard

US Election Predictions

Spam is Good

USA Mini Travel Blog – Part 2

USA Mini Travel Blog – Part 1

I ❤ ‘Downers’ by Mile End

Hail to the Tribute Review

Fave Flick Flashback: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

My First Blogging Birthday!

I ❤ Dan Kelly’s Dream

10 Great Songs on Triple J Unearthed

A 90’s Kid Chooses His Favourite 80’s Songs – Part 2

A 90’s Kid Chooses His Favourite 80’s Songs – Part 1

Run for a Reason 2012

F*** For Freedom

Worst Films Ever – Part 2

Worst Films Ever – Part 1

Does hot water freeze faster than cold?

In the Pines 2012

The 1st Annual GIT Award

Solar Panels – Part 2

Solar Panels – Part 1

No Bizarre Incidents

Depressing Internet Argument Vortex (Kony 2012)

Calvinism and Hobbes

Radiohead Mega List

Moo Lives!


Andy’s 2011 Movie List

Movie Picks and Predictions

Dresden Dolls + Deerhoof + Sons & Daughters Review

Hottest 100 Votes – 2011

Belated Christmas Comic


Fave Flick Flashback: Happy Feet – Part 2

Fave Flick Flashback: Happy Feet – Part 1

The Mountain Man Claims Another Victim

The Gizzards Interview

It’s that time of year again!

Gigs Gone Wrong

Portishead & Mercury Rev Review

Bovine Class Guilt

Book List – Part 2

Book List – Part 1

Marriage: What is it Good For?

Electric Cars: Polluters in Disguise?

Going the Extra Mile

Marty McFly is not Sexist

Mega Lips List

Ghiblimania – Part 2

Ghiblimania – Part 1

Favourite Australian Albums – Part 4

Favourite Australian Albums – Part 3

On the Bright Side Review

Favourite Australian Albums – Part 2

Favourite Australian Albums – Part 1

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