The Vast Majority of Australians Want Action on Climate Change. They’ve Said So At Least 45 Times.

There are still many uncertainties remaining in climate science. When will we reach the first irreversible tipping point? Is there really any chance of staying below 1.5 oC of warming? How quickly will humans curb their addiction for burning fossil fuels?

Mehr News Agency - Oil-addict earth!
Fossil fuel addiction

Of course, some things are certain. Or at least, they are backed up by such an overwhelming amount of evidence that we may as well say that they are certain. We know that the planet has warmed by more than 1 oC already. We know that it will warm by more than 1.5 oC unless we take drastic action. And we know that this warming is primarily driven by human activities.

One other certainty, that is seldom spoken about, is that the vast majority of Australians accept that climate change is occurring. They also accept that it is caused by humans, and they support action to address it. It’s easy to get the impression that we are a nation of climate science deniers, but studies have shown over and over and over again that it’s simply not true.

Across the globe, millions join biggest climate protest ever | Climate  crisis | The Guardian
Climate change protest

To illustrate this I’ve compiled all the studies I can find. There are 45 different studies by 11 different organisations over 16 years. Each of these gleaned information from a nationally representative sample of Australians (with a sample of size of usually more than 1000). For each, I’ve included a link to the details, as well as a key statistic …

The proportion of those that are truly resistant to climate action has never reached above 19% in 15 years (Lowy Institute)
The proportion of true “deniers” has never reached above 16% in 9 years (Australia Institute)
An easy majority in every state supports strong 2030 emissions targets (Australian Conservation Foundation 2021)
An easy majority of Australians think climate change is a very important issue, regardless of who they vote for (Essential 2021)

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