A month ago, D and I spent ten days driving around the little island at the bottom of our big “island”.


There we checked out MONA – a private museum owned by an eccentric, sex-and-death-obsessed billionare, …


… soaked up the atmosphere at Hobart’s Salamanca Markets, …


… took in the views from Mt. Wellington (it’s worth clicking to expand this one to full size), …


… and immersed ourselves in the violent history of Port Arthur – Australia’s most famous convict settlement (as well as the fascinating, naturally occuring “tesselated pavement” on the way there) …



… – a violent history that could also be seen at “Old Hobart Town” (a scale model of the city during it’s early days).


After Hobart, we were off to the stunning Freycinet National Park, …


… the picturesque Cataract Gorge near Launceston, …


… the bizarre geology of “The Nut” at Stanley, …



… the rugged peaks of Cradle Mountain (seen from Dove Lake), …


… the less pristine, but still impressive mountains of Queenstown, …


… the beautifully unspoiled Gordon River (near Strahan), …


… the isolated Lake Pedder (which I managed to fall into), the controversial yet remarkable Gordon Dam …



… and the simply breathtaking Russell Falls.


But perhaps best of all, everywhere we went we had close encounters with the local wildlife; Tasmanian Devils, …      DSCN5001  … pademelons, …DSCN4918    … wallabies, …DSCN4708   … bandicoots, …DSCN4643   … and even a rarely-seen baby wombat and platypus!IMG_1435DSCN5245

Though, we can’t forget that some of the less-wild animals were just as cute, like these two at Giant’s Table Cottages in Maydena (our favourite place to stay out of all the accomodation we tried).DSCN5236

Now we have just one more state to tick off our list before we can say we’ve stepped foot in each one!


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4 Responses to Tasmania!

  1. I laughed at “this bit” picture. 🙂

    Sounds like another great adventure. You guys really know how to see the country!

    • Thanks! Yeah we know how to see quite a lot of stuff in a short time, no matter where we go. What we’re not very good at is travelling at a relaxed pace so we don’t stress ourselves out! Our trips are always pretty hectic, so we say “next time we’ll try to fit less in, so we can chill out more” … and then we never do :p

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