The 3rd Annual GIT Awards (Good Internet Things)

Look what’s back. Back again. GITs are back. Tell a friend.

git award

No long list of nominees this time. Just a quick nod to a couple of worthy runner-ups (keep up the good work Sometimes Interesting and Crumble Cult!) and let’s move straight on to announcing the winner!

And that winner is …

Waiting for Satan

“Oh my, I’m blushing. This is such an honour” – Quote from something that Waiting for Satan guy will say when he reads this. Probably.


What is it? It’s a blog by a guy in the USA. It’s somewhere between actual writing and a comic.

What’s so good about it? All of the posts are highly entertaining, most of them are genuinely funny, and many of them are surreal or disturbing (in a good way).

Where should I start? Probably the about page – it’s one of the most beautifully bizarre out there, and it gives you some idea of what to expect (though be warned – it drops you into the surreal side of the blog pretty quickly). Also, I really like these ones about Canada and the difficulties of writing.

Can you compare it to something for me? Sure. Do you know “Hyperbole and a Half“? If not, you should really check out. Waiting for Satan has a somewhat similar flavour.

Did this guy draw you a picture of his interpretation of Australian politics? Why yes, as a matter of fact.


It’s strangely accurate.

Missed the previous exciting installments of the Annual GIT Awards? Have no fear! 2012 and 2013 are right here!

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8 Responses to The 3rd Annual GIT Awards (Good Internet Things)

  1. stephen1001 says:

    Nice Marshall Mathers intro!

  2. Tony Single says:

    A worthy winner in my book. This guy is a genius! (You have excellent taste!)

  3. qrparker says:

    I humbly accept this great honor (blushes).

  4. Flattered to be mentioned for the GITs, sir. Really am. Can’t argue with the winner, Waitingforsatan is entertaining stuff, congrats guys.

    Cheers. 🙂

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