Return to Brisbane

I’ve been to Brisbane a few times now, but my most recent trip there was easily the longest. I spent 4 whole weeks living with this guy …


… at this place …


… near this lookout (Mt Cooth-tha) …


… while studying at University of Queensland, which has this huge and highly ornate building.


We managed to soak up the pre-G20 festival atmosphere in the city centre …

??????????????????????????????? IMG_1975 IMG_2008 ??????????????????????????????? … before escaping to the Sunshine Coast (about an hour north of Brisbane) via the Glasshouse Mountains.


There we checked out the beautiful beaches and rivers of Maroochydore …



… took a hike in 40 degC weather (not recommended) where we watched some crazy kids jumping into a natural pool …


… and watched some (possibly also crazy) people get chased by crocodiles at Australia Zoo …




Back in the city, I found time to see a great jazz/blues band at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, …


… got my geekiness fix at Supanova (including seeing Alan Tudyk, aka Wash from Firefly) …



… and did a final bit of wildlife spotting.


All in all, not a bad way to spend a month. In between all that I even managed to learn a few things!

Been to Brisbane before? What did you think? Or perhaps you want to explore more of Australia with me? You can head this way for a tour of Tasmania or check out my other travel posts (including Malaysia and USA).

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